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If you go to the land of Ice,
and you find the lagoon that sings,
swim deep and don't flee,
...and you may just find Opalci.

To everyone who thinks majoring in English is easy:

Bifil that in that seson on a day,

In Southwerk at the Tabard as I lay

Redy to wenden on my pilgrymage

To Caunterbury with ful devout corage,

At nyght was come into that hostelrye

Wel nyne and twenty in a compaignye,

Of sondry folk, by aventure yfalle

In felaweshipe, and pilgrimes were they alle,

That toward Caunterbury wolden ryde.

The chambres and the stables weren wyde,

And wel we weren esed atte beste.

And shortly, whan the sonne was to reste,

So hadde I spoken with hem everichon

That I was of hir felaweshipe anon,

And made forward erly for to ryse,

To take oure wey ther as I yow devyse.”

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    Modern translation…whatever. I had 10 weeks of Middle English. I’m trilingual now.
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    You could also listen to The Birthday Massacre - Violet and have it magically fuck with your internal ear so the iambic...
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    Translations are for sissies. Not only did I study the Canterbury Tales in actual Middle English, I had to learn how to...
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    This translation is for real, guys. And no, you can’t have my pretty hardcover copy.
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    There are two types of English majors in the world: those who can recite the prologue of the Canterbury Tales in Middle...
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    It’s way easier to enjoy if you’ve got the Sheila Fisher translation: "It happened, in that season, on a day In...
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    I feel your pain. Read it out loud and with the textual notes instead of what’s written. It makes more sense. (If you’re...
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