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If you go to the land of Ice,
and you find the lagoon that sings,
swim deep and don't flee,
...and you may just find Opalci.

Joyeux anniversaire Brigitte Bardot

Smallest Full Moon of Year Packs an Icy Punch, in Any Language
Bracketed by the Geminid meteor shower and the Winter Solstice, the December full moon bids farewell to 2013 as the smallest one of the year.On December 17 the shrunken orb will glimmer with a hard light as much of Turtle Island bundles up and hunkers down against what is aptly named the Cold Moon.

Elizabeth Taylor

Katsuyama hairstyle for maiko Ayano by ONIHIDE on Flickr
Why else keep a journal, if not to examine your own filth?
written by Anne Sexton  (via filthe)

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